Catering packages


Each month we offer 2 basic menus from which you can mix and match dishes according to your taste. In order to respect the kitchen and keep the prices of the dishes balanced, we ask you to ensure that at least 8 people choose a certain dish from the menu.


Our sandwich lunch is available for 10 people or more in buffet style where you can create your own sandwich. We include 3 types of freshly baked rolls in a variety of white, rye, spelt and multi-grain. 3 types of filling, plus sliced vegetables, lettuce and tomato. We also include separate sauces and tapenades. Every sandwich buffet includes a freshly made seasonal soup and individual desserts with fresh fruit.


Our business lunch package consists of a two or three course menu which is created daily on the basis of market produce and the season. We only work based on fresh supplies. When composing the dishes, we ensure that we choose easily digestible products.


Fillet of cod with a crunchy tomato topping.
Green pea and pumpkin couscous.
Crunchy red beetroot.
Tenderloin of veal gently braised and finished under the grill.
Autumn vegetables, cauliflower veloute and dauphinoise potatoes.
Bordelaise sauce.

Tailor-made packages

Every event can be accompanied by a suitable reception package or walking dinner concept. Because we can provide a large selection of creative dishes in various situations and times of year, a tailor-made package is the best option.